Wax play basics

What is wax play?
 Wax play is when we use wax on the body to elicit a sensual or painful response. Generally it is an erotic sensation for people to get their kink on. Some may use it for painful torture which turns into pleasure.


As always, I have a section on safety.

Wax play is considered an edgeplay because there is a possibility of bodily damage. Possible damage would be burns by the flame or by the wax. The burns can be mild to severe depending on the wax used and temperature of the wax.

Similar to fireplay, here are a few helpful safety items.

1. Have a fire extinguisher handy. Know where they are located.
2. Have water within reach. Water in a spray bottle is recommended.
3. If the players have long hair, make sure it's out of the way.

While these are recommended they are not mandatory. These are to help in the case of the worst scenario. It’s better to be prepared. Another item I highly recommend, keep pets and small children away. Distractions from pets and children can easily cause a mishap to occur.


What kind of wax is recommended? All sorts of information are out there on the web. In fact, there are places which sell “erotic” candles. I’ve test three different brands which will be covered in the practical section. What I can relate is that candles which burn at a lower temperature is the safer way to go.

The general rule of thumb is, if the candle is a solid pillar, this is not the one to use because in order for it to hold this shape, the melting point will be higher. This makes sense because if I want it to hold a shape, I’d need it to withstand a flame. Most of these types of candles are made of petroleum which is at a higher melting point.

Some say, never use coloured ones because they will have a higher melting point which also makes the wax too hot. I have not been successful in proving this theory. I am looking to take an intermediate/advance class on wax play where I will ask this question and get back to all of you.

So, what should you use?

Here are my recommendations:
1. Soy based candles – very low melting point
2. Edible candles (turns into an oil)
3. Wax to Massage oil candles

Other tools

1. Massage table
2. Shower curtain
3. Blanket or towels
4. Crock pot
5. Ladle
6. Paint brush/Pastry brush

I own a massage table so this was very easy for me to set up. It was comfortable for me to lay on both on my stomach or back. If you don’t have one, you can do it on a bed or another flat surface. Just protect it with blankets or towels you don’t mind wax getting on.

Tip: For those who don’t have a massage table and want to lay on the stomach without turning the head, take a regular sized towel, fold it in half width wise. Then roll it up and make it into a U shape. If you put that u shape upside down for it to cradle the side of your face, you will be able to breathe as well as leave your head facing down.

What is up with the shower curtain? Have you ever had to clean up wax from a carpet or tile? It’s a pain in the butt. Lay the shower curtain down, underneath the massage table to catch rogue wax drips. The cheapest brand will work just fine. Otherwise, large garbage bags can be duct taped together and then to the floor.

What is with a crock pot and ladle? There are some who prefer to buy candle wax in bulk and melt it in a crockpot. This allows for a consistent liquid form of the wax which then can be applied to the body by a ladle or brush.

The candles I tested:

1. Soy Tea lights by Soy Inspirations which were found on Amazon - Soy Basics Seeds Unscented Tealight Soy Candles, (Pack of 2)
Around $14 for the 2 pack


2. Edible Candle by Earthly body http://earthlybody.com/EdibleCandles.htm. They are also sold on Amazon. Around $12 each. They are more expensive on the company website.

3. Massage candle by Greenfire also found on Amazon. Greenfire Peppermint Eucalyptus Basil All Natural Massage Oil Candle, fragranced with essential oils Around $15 each


Heat considerations

I tried all three candles. None of them were too hot. They were pretty mild in heat. We tried from higher distances from my body to just above. This would be around 3 feet above my body to about 6 inches. They all felt the same to me. Never once was it uncomfortable.

Ease of use

The easiest one to use was the Greenfire one.

The instructions mention to light the candle for 15 minutes, blow out the flame and then wait 2 minutes before using the oil sparingly. WARNING: Avoid sensitive areas. Never leave candle unattended. Keep away from children and pets.

What we did

We lit the candle and after there was enough oil, we poured it on my body. This was a mistake to leave the flame going. It nearly burned my DH’s hand. Pouring it all over my body felt nice. I don’t understand the sparingly. Somehow we missed the warning. So my DH decides to rub the oil over my clit which felt nice and tingly. It is peppermint. Then he rubs it on my pussy lips, in it and then his fingers “slipped” into my asshole by accident. Right…it was an “accident”. All I can say is that my pussy and asshole were tingling for at least 10 to 15 minutes later.

Another issue we kind of ran into, his cat loves mint. Mint is in the same family as the catnip. So his kitty was very interested in our wax play. Hence the warning, keep pets away.

Edible Candle
The edible one worked about the same. Although, it didn’t burn as well and melt the candle into the oil form as I expected. It could be because my candle was a bit older. The flavour was just okay for me. It did come with a nice little tiny spoon. The spoon was worthless for me. We just poured.

The instructions were virtually the same as the Greenfire candle, except for the sensitive area application. Since mine was strawberry flavoured, I doubted any tingling would occur.

Soy Tea lights

This was the most difficult to use. We lit several for some wax to pool. It melted okay, but there wasn’t really enough wax to pour out over the body. And with the wax melted, the wick nearly fell out on my body. Since we didn’t extinguish the flame yet, that would have been bad. I’m thinking of popping out the wax and putting it into one of those candle burners.

Something like the below item, or just buy a cheap crock pot and use that instead.

Body Parts

We poured it from neck down. There wasn’t a single place we didn’t pour the wax. I even flipped onto my belly, lifted up my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. He poured wax and the oil directly onto my anus and yes it did get inside. It was hot but not bad. I think since I used both oil and wax, it was easy to remove. My pussy lips and clit were just fine with the wax. My nipples were too. We covered every part and then used the wax to rub all over my body.

Based on my experimentation, I’d say the three types I used are fine to go anywhere below the neck.

lessons learned

1. Minty oil on sensitive parts will give it an extra erotic kick.
2. Oil on fingers will allow the person to slip one or more fingers into the asshole without any resistance.
3. Mixing wax which converts to oil and wax which hardens when cooled is not recommended. Either go with one or the other.
4. Blow out the flame before pouring the wax.
5. Tea lights are too small to use and the wick falls out easily.

With the hardened wax, the oil removed it off the body so quickly that it was impossible to try and scrap it off with a knife for some more edge play.

Now share your experiences! 


Thanks, Michael. :)

I may be adding more as I experiment.

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