Bedtime Stories!

We released three more!  I've been on vacation so it's been a bit delayed.

Last Saturday on the 29th, we released Make Mine to Go by Dilo Keith.  This is just a little excerpt of some hot M/m/m.  Check her out on her website.

The excerpt of Make Mine to Go is below.

On Wednesday the 3rd, we released The Painter by Michael Alexander.  This is a free story on his website too.  Michael went all out with lovely pictures and awesome music.  Check out his website. He can also be found on his blog.

The excerpt is of The Painter is below.

On Saturday the 6th, we released 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones.

The excerpt of 10 Nights is below.


Michelle Hughes said…
Thank you so much for this!
@ Michelle, it's been a pleasure! It's been fun too.

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