Review: Across the Stars

Across the Stars
Across the Stars by India Masters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Solae is a mercenary bounty hunter who not many tangle with. There's that tag line, "always gets her man" that comes to mind when Solae is involve. As an ambassador's daughter, she holds an advantage against other bounty hunters because she's well versed in the different planets and their cultures. She can easily assimilate which is demonstrated several times in the book. Raav is an Asirian who's very existence exudes D/s sensuality. He's been chasing Solae for a decade. When they finally partner up, the kinkiness sexiness is on!

The world building in this story is very sketchy. There really isn't too much, most of it I supplied myself. The story's focus is more on the two characters and their erotic journey. It's pretty smexy hawt. It starts up kinky and ends with some territorial Alpha man chest thumping D/s.

There is a twist in the story which didn't catch me off guard only because I read the series out of order. The ending felt rushed and not as believable for me. The sudden changing of sides was a bit surprising. The explanations all made sense, but if there was a bit more information peppered through the story it wouldn't have been so abrupt. The one last item to note, for two men, Ravv and Fyn, who are supposed to be such manly men, they sure do turn tail and run. Or perhaps that was only in their youth and they have out grown it. This smexy D/s sci-fi story is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy some alternative reality pursuit and capture.

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