Review: Blood Cross

Blood Cross
Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane is back and still in New Orleans. She's been tasked by the vampire council to find the rogue vampire creator and kill him or her. Too bad Leo is still crazy with grief. He nearly burns her out of her temp home and getting Molly and her kids! Leo is definitely unstable. He was so promising as a love interest too.

In this second book, Molly and her kids are up front and center. They are also in big danger which Jane is unable to prevent. While the readers are experiencing a sick feeling in their gut, Jane is completely clueless about the correct threat.

The world building in this new story is fantastic. Ms. Hunter's interpretation on how vampires are created is awesome. This is a new one which is fascinating to read about. This is definitely unique and a great vampire creationist theory. The explanation of how vampires came to be helps Jane unravel the mystery and solve her case.

I'm pretty impressed with Ms. Hunter's writing. The tale is riveting and it moves at a fast pace. It's a page turner book which makes me want to read all the others in this series in one sitting. I haven't come a cross an UF this good since Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series. This writing reminds me of C.E. Murphy minus the huge chip on the heroine's shoulder. This makes the book much more enjoyable. This book is highly recommended to urban fantasy readers who want a fresh take on vampires.

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