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By a Thread
By a Thread by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There is life after the death of Mab? It's rather anti-climatic for a book series to continue on after main villain is finally dead. Now there are new villains who are just as bad as Mab, if not worse. How does Gin handle this? With less trouble than expected. It's no cake walk for her, but she gets the job done.

In this latest installment, Gin is taking her first vacation. She's with her sister Brie, visiting Brie's home town, leaving Ashland behind. Returning to Brie's hometown brings perils unprecedented for Gin. The foremost, meeting Brie's best friend, Callie. Callie runs a family restaurant. She's also engaged to a new local cop. My spidey senses were going off in major alarm. I remembered Brie swapped places with a cop from Ashland in order to leave her job. There was only one cop who left at that time - Donovan. That rat bastard who ripped out Gin's heart while she lay bleeding. Then he proceeded to slice it with knives. When he was done with this, he pissed on her and left. Yes, that rat bastard is back. And he still wants Gin, but only because of her bad girl coolness and her awesome sex. He can't handle this much woman. He's still a self righteous hypocritical asshole. I wish I could tell you how I really feel about him.

The only good thing Donovan does for Gin, is smack Brie upside the head with his sneering attitude. Brie is looking into a mirror and it shames her. For this, I'm glad, because I was really hoping for Brie to leave. She's toxic for Gin and Gin's already suffered a difficult life. She doesn't need this kind of judgment.

We do gain a few insights into Gin's training by Fletcher. It's painful to witness. Yet the methods to his madness are admirable and makes him even more lovable. It's makes his death that much sadder. While the book did focus on a new Big Bad Gin needed to take down, the real story is about relationships and how they interconnect like a spider web. The ending is fitting and makes me glad for Gin. This will probably be the last book in the series I will read because a little birdie told me Owen becomes a rat bastard. A happily ever after ending is when an author decides to end a story. Sometimes, in order for a reader to have a happily ever after, she needs to end the story herself. This is my happily ever after for Gin. I do not want anymore emotional torture for this woman. Hasn't she suffered enough? This book is recommended for urban fantasy lovers who enjoy a kick ass tortured heroine who won't back down.

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