Review: Caging the Beast

Caging the Beast
Caging the Beast by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What are the Ebrellions? Ms. Harte needs to write another set of books in this Creations world. There is still so much to explore! The Ebrellions turn into six legged...Trells? These are like insects but not? What the hell are they?

In this last installment of the Creations series, Tarn is an undercover agent to retrieve a cube his nephew is tasked to find. Tarn is in a MMA cage underground slave fighting nightmare. Bored with is babysitting job at the bar he owns, Tarn is up for the challenge. This is where he finds Zachem'zen. This is a shock as Zachem'zen is also a Creation. Since Creations are killed when found as they are psychotic killers, it's amazing Zachem'zen is alive and controlled.

More questions crop up in this story than answers. It's frustrating to learn more about this world only to find out this is the last bloody book in the series. Someone needs to tell Ms. Harte to get her little ass moving and write another set to this world. At least another set! Still, the m/m in this story is HOT HOT HOT! Yes, it's written for women who want to read m/m sex. Regardless, this book goes into my spank bank. Zachem'zen is a sweet enslaved beast. Tarn is a hot lethal warrior. What is not to like? The undercurrents of BDSM with heavy emphasis on D/s is amazing. LOVE IT! This book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy m/m sci-fi themes.

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