Review: Calling The Shots

Calling The Shots
Calling The Shots by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hoping for a happily ever after for Josh? Best friends with Paul, Josh was invited to share the relationship with Beth and Paul. Before he could even taste it, Sadie kicked him to the curb with her prude attitude. In this new installment of the Long Shot series, Josh is still friends with Sadie and Paul. His focus is on Oliver and Beth. Remember Beth? She used to work for Sadie but was fired for having sex at work. A bit hypocritical of Sadie. In the past two years, she's been the manager for Josh's sex club, Mavericks. Oliver is a tasty new bartender at Mavericks.

This is a love triangle from their perspective. Beth wants Josh. Josh wants Oliver. And Oliver wants Beth. Josh wants to help Beth and Oliver come together. What really happens is a hot smexy true triad. The strongest structure is a perfect triangle and these three together are perfect. There are struggles for them to accept this new relationship. Each of them experienced a betrayal which makes this relationship move forward and backwards. For every step they make forward, they definitely take a few steps back.

The only piece where they don't have any issues is their kinky sex scenes. Ms. d'Abo increases the kinky flavour in this story with some hot domination from both Beth and Josh. Oliver is a sweet lovely submissive. He is the perfect balance for Beth and Josh. The different combinations of who is in the middle and sandwiched has me over the moon. For Beth and then Oliver to be the center of attention, I'm in flames of desire. Ms. d'Abo does an excellent job of describing in decadent graphic detail.

This story could be bogged down with trauma drama from their pasts. Fortunately, this is not the case. Instead, the secondary conflict comes through with a hate crime. The escalations from a simple spray painting to property violence quickly spirals into physical violence. This plot device is well done as it opens and lances old wounds for Josh, Beth and Oliver. The little twist can be guessed well before the ending yet it doesn't detract from the tale. This story is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a hot menage with a bit of suspense.

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