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Calling the Show
Calling the Show by J.A. Rock

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OCD, anxiety stricken and possibly autistic, Jesse is a stage manager extraordinaire. Jesse prefers his world ordered. He's the ultimate prepared disaster recovery planner. He is oddly a cute cuddly control freak. Jesse's well-planned world is sent sideways when Simeck enters in with his hula hooping hips.

This kinky story about two guys fumbling their way through a relationship is a bit crazy at times. J.A. Rock creates two imperfect characters that at times are beyond frustrating. The other times they pull a stunt, making them so endearing. This story is brought to life by the characters rather than the plot.

Jesse experiences difficulty relating to others. His behaviour is similar to an autistic person and it makes him more believable. To see what he thinks and his perspective is eye opening, and at times, sad. His fears and lack of comprehension at times makes a person want to slap him upside the head while holding him for reassurance. Simeck is the one who was dealt a raw hand. As his past is revealed, both Jesse and the reader are wide eyed with sympathy. It makes Simeck more appealing.

Simeck brings out the best in Jesse. The hula hooping is a great touch and makes Jesse more human. We can really see him lightening up. It relaxes him and makes him easier to be around. As things are going fine and a relationship seems to be in full swing, it comes crashing down. It's not surprising to see Jesse mess up the relationship yet still be there for Simeck. Jesse is the type who demonstrates his love more than he can say it. It's adorable—his analysis paralysis and his fears for what may come. He's so focused on the future he forgets to live in the moment. Simeck grounds him and allows him to enjoy the present.

The kinky parts of this story are smolderingly sexy. The scenes are two new-to-kink guys testing out their limits. The contest to see who the top is is really clever and shows creative perversions. The winner in my mind is Jesse. His spanking scene while they were working together at a show brought a smile to my face. This story is recommended for kinky m/m lovers who enjoy two young lovers finding their way to be together.

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