Review: Claudia's Surrender

Claudia's Surrender
Claudia's Surrender by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Claudia is back with Sam visiting her. This second installment is a lovely continuation. Claudia's detective business is doing well. What isn't doing well is her private life. She has none. With Sam Pender's return, her libido wakes up and yells, "Hello!" Sam brings Claudia to her knees immediately. It's hot. His smexy BD and D/s is right up my alley. I'm happily humming along as Claudia is screaming out in ecstasy.

This story is more about the two finding their sexual release. Sam needs Claudia's professional help. He needs her to help figure out what happened to a good friend of his. Unfortunately, this is in a state far away from Claudia. Through some manipulation, Claudia ends up using her detective skills to solve the mystery.

This however doesn't solve the situation between Sam and Claudia. It's obvious they are supposed to be together. The story ends in an unresolved manner which is why this story only gets a 3.5 star from me. There is no "Casa Blanca" ending. There is no happily ever after. We are strung out in limbo. This is frustrating for me since I like closure, be it sad or happy. I'm really hoping this isn't the end for Sam and Claudia. I find both of them fun and likeable. I want a happily ever after for them. Based on how Mr. Lewis wrote it, I'm not seeing how this can happen. This book is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy BD and a bit of D/s with their suspense.

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