Review: Creating Chemistry

Creating Chemistry
Creating Chemistry by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anin, the perfectly created sexual submissive is caught between two brothers. Both Nu and Set Fas want Anin. Nu is a bit thick headed. He persists to hold on to his old hurts and betrayals but a worthless wife. Set on the other hand knows for certain Anin is the woman for them. In their world, the best matches are when two brothers mate with one woman.

Of course, to get Nu to agree, he needs a bit of smacking around by Anin. It's amusing the way Anin leads Nu around by his dick. With Set and Anin working together, Nu has no chance. This story is more than just about a hot menage getting it on. There is a bit of conflict which reveals the extend of Nu's past pain. It also helps to heal him now that he is in a loving V triad.

The sex in this story smexy smoking hot. There is just something in the way Ms. Harte writes which pulls me in and has me horny in a flash. It could be the way she describes the acts so clearly. She never skimps nor glosses over the hot sex scenes. Her M/f/M are just as good as all the other variations she writes. This smexy kinky sci-fi story is recommended to menage lovers who want a little extra spice.

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