Review: Creation's Control

Creation's Control
Creation's Control by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Be still my wiggling hand, er, beating heart. This second installment with Ryen getting it on with Drekk is HAWT! Ryen is now free from the evil scientists, Eryans. However, he isn't able to control his anger. No one wants him to go rabid which would cause him to be exterminated. Drekk's "nice guy" helpful method along with meditation doesn't work. Time for a new plan! Time to force Ryen into sexual submission with force cuffs and D/s.

Warning to those who don't like girly bits. There is one little hot menage with girly bits, otherwise it's all hot smexy m/m loving from there on out. And boy is it tasty with Ryen fighting his desire to submit. Drekk's dominant demeanor is a complete turn on. His ability to persuade Ryen to submit is a pleasure to watch.

In this story, there is a plot, more than bringing Drekk to heel. We learn more about the different types of humanoids in this world. We also find out about Drekk's creation. The introduction of new aliens enhanced the story yet created more questions which don't seem to be answered. The conflict in this story is easy to believe and resolved in a lovely happily ever after. This book is recommended to M/m lovers who enjoy some kinky mano a mano sex.

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