Review: Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince

Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince
Forever Wicked: Serena's Prince by Ayla Ruse

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The Romance Review

A prince cursed to be a frog and a headstrong princess who wants a strong man, how will they come together? If this story seems similar to the fairy tale, The Frog Prince made popular by the Brothers Grimm, you would be correct. This is a twisted fairy tale and it's a kinky delight.

Serena is a princess who runs her stepfather's kingdom. She's to be wed, but no man introduced to her is acceptable. She wants a man like her stepfather but the men wooing her are grabby domineering jerks. She kicks each of them out of the castle.

Rennick is a prince cursed to be a frog. How he came to be sounds suspiciously like the back story of Beauty and the Beast. When Rennick sees the one thing that will break his curse in the hands of Princess Serena, he will do anything to convince her to hand it over. He can be very convincing when he's in his dominant human form.

Ms. Ruse does an excellent job of staying close to the original Brothers Grimm story, down to killing the frog. Her twist of each scene to become a smexy hot erotic D/s piece is what makes this story so good. She writes a tightly woven tale with increasing sexual tension and lovely bondage scenes. She even adds a dash of voyeurism to crank up the heat. This is a tasty reinterpretation of a well-known fairy tale. She is an author to watch. Her writing voice is smooth and her characters are created in an endearing way. This book is recommended for fairy tale lovers who like it kinked up.

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