Review: Frost Moon

Frost Moon
Frost Moon by Anthony Francis

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Now this is a surprise. Puppy play in an urban fantasy book without written by a male author. I have to admit, other than a few male authors who write BDSM, I tend to avoid reading male authors because I just don't get their writing voice. It grates on me. Unless it's a truly gifted writer like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, or Orson Scott Card, I shy away from male sci/fantasy writers. Yes, I'm sexist and biases. So sue me. Honestly, I didn't think males even wrote urban fantasy, other than the husband half of the Ilona Andrews duo. To say I was skeptical of this book is an understatement. Th cover is absolutely fabulous, but is this all that I would find in this story? I really beautiful cover and no substance to back it?

Fortunately, I'm thrown into a magical world in Atlanta. It's a fabulous one with Fae, vampires, shifters, witches and MAGIC. What's even more fun? There is a bit of BDSM play thrown in. It was enjoyable too. Actually, I think Mr. Francis threw everything but the kitchen sink in here. Some may claim this is too much and he needed to focus on a tighter writing style. I personally enjoyed it. All the tangents pulling together is a richer world for me. I really liked the secondary characters. I really loved the main character, Dakota. She is kick ass and has a history. I want to learn all about her and her friends. She's a bisexual switch who creates amazing magical tattoos. This is one of the most unique storyline I've read all year. The story is action packed and moves pretty quickly. While I guessed the evil bad guy pretty early on, the twist in the end caught me off guard. I like that!

The characters are rich. No one in the book is purely good or evil. Well, except maybe one person. It's interesting to see how Mr. Francis creates a strong female lead only to have her broken a bit. It shows the humanity and that no one is fully able to protect themselves at all times. In addition, Dakota isn't one of those powerful female who are women haters. She has friends who are men and women. She's able to relate to them and keep solid friendships. It's nice to have a female lead who isn't carrying tons of baggage. She seems to have a little bit of Daddy issues, but it doesn't seem to be major. Dakota's Scooby Gang seems to be expanding even as she's lost a member. Her friends are eclectic and it's fun to see they have quite the history together. Mr. Francis doles out little bits of their shared history in a stingy manner. It just increases my desire to learn more.

Overall, I'd have to say this is a very enjoyable book to read. I'd recommend it to all Urban Fantasy lovers who also enjoy a little bit of kink. This is a book not to be missed.

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