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His Little Tart
His Little Tart by Sindra van Yssel

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The Romance Review

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet…this is how the little nursery rhyme starts. In HIS LITTLE TART, Constance is a shy pastry chef willing to cater any party to make ends meet. She's sitting quietly in a room filled with BDSM people getting their kink on. She's trying hard not to stare as she decorates cupcakes and other sweet treats to order. Honestly, if a man was seated majestically with a woman and another man kneeling in front, sucking his dick and balls, whose eyes wouldn't stray?

Constance didn't think she was that inexperienced or naïve, but it's what every vanilla person declares before they are faced with this alternative lifestyle. Constance is no different, except she is less horrified and more tempted. This is because our little miss pastry chef wants a little excitement in her dull and boring life. Aidan, one of the members at Bondage Ranch picks up on Constance's desire for a bit more than the usual. He's not into long-term relationships, but he is a Dom who can show a sub a very good weekend.

This fourth installment of the Bondage Ranch series by Ms. van Yssel is just as decadently sweet as the previous ones. Ms. van Yssel's realism and attention to detail is a delight. She easily incorporates the BSDM lifestyle and attitude in her stories without it being forced. A new to BDSM reader would easily pick up what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior without it being heavy handed. This story is just the right pace with engaging characters.

Constance is the curious to kink sensual nymph. Aidan is the experienced and sexily European businessman who has eyes only for Constance. Their interplay is fun to watch as we see a relationship develop in a believable manner – one step forward and two steps back. Since this is a contemporary romance, the realism is much appreciated – down to the "evil villain". While the antagonist in this story shows up very rarely, it's not unexpected. He's not trying to be evil or mean; he's one of those men. He believes a woman has her place, by his side as a wife with nothing else in her pretty little head. No career or passion or drive for her, a woman is supposed to be his little ornament. Everything he did, even his sabotage which every reader saw a mile away, was for Constance's own good. Blech. He did make a good point though. His point was that Constance couldn't run her own business and she needs a person to take her into hand. Since it took another man, Aidan, to save Constance, the guy wasn't too far off. Constance is pretty dumb when it comes to finances. The conflict is easy to understand and resolve.

This BDSM contemporary story is great for kinky lovers who want their cake and eat it too.

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