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Mate Set
Mate Set by Laurann Dohner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a 3.5 star book and since I truncate, it's a 3. Mika is the niece of an influential werewolf. Visiting her Uncle Omar for two weeks turns into a kind of a life sentence. Mika is supposed to be 28 in this book. I guess maybe as an only child, she's been coddled a bit too much? Or perhaps she's one of those people whose logic works in different ways. My guess, is that she is a sensor. She doesn't use facts and logic to make decisions. She purely goes by how she feels. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the circumstance.

For this situation, where it's werewolf mating season, it's kind of a bad thing. Mixing her brand of logic with hormonal sex crazed male werewolves is not the best combination. It is a funny combination though, from a reader perspective. The conflict in this story is purely based on lack of communication and crazy female logic which men never understand. (Hell, I didn't even understand it and I'm female - last time I checked.) Ignoring Mika's lunacy, the sex in this book is HAWT! Grady is a very hot werewolf and I can understand why women are throwing themselves at him. I'd throw myself at him! The partial shifter sex is very hawt for me too. I like it. It's just a tad crossing the lines into bestiality but that's okay for me. I have no issues reading about this fetish.

There was scant world building here. If someone had never read a werewolf/shifter book, this book probably would be a bit confusing. For experienced paranormal romance readers who have read many shifter books, the gaps are easily filled in by the reader's knowledge. Since this is a PNR not a UF, world building is not focus here. It's SEX SEX SEX AND SEX. Did I mention sex? Honestly, I really enjoyed the sex parts and would give it a 4. I really wish the threesome had happened and while I understand the logic of why it didn't happen, I'm still feeling a bit gypped. Why the HELL would a woman turn down a threesome with two hot men? Oh right, because of the emotional attachment. Blah blah blah is all I heard. It's just SEX! A little DP with two hot guys licking all over, what is NOT to like? I have to agree with Grady that Mika is a prude. An uptight prude who is overly emotional and needs a good long spanking. Yes, that is what is missing in this book. She was told she would be spanked and they never followed through. That was a disappointment. She should have received more than a spanking. Corner time with some figging would have been nice too. She also should have been restrained is some kinky BD for her blackmailing behaviour. Whilst restrained, some good edging with orgasm denial would have made my day.

This book is recommended for paranormal romance readers who enjoy hot sex scenes.

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