Review: Mercy Blade

Mercy Blade
Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jane seems to be a punching bag in this story. Jane Yellowrock still works for Leo on retainer. Life is going well with her new boyfriend, Rick. Rick is the human cop she chose over Leo and Bruiser (George). She chose Rick because she doesn't want to share her boy with anyone else. She's not into poly. This is all fine and daddy. Did anyone tell Rick this? Rick still goes undercover and as part of his undercover he sleeps with other women. W.T.F?!? Apparently neither Jane nor Beast takes well to this little reveal. Honestly, neither do I.

We learn more about this world Ms. Hunter created. This time, we learn about weres and how they come to existence. Artemis's curse is a very clever reason. Ms. Hunter's innovative and creative ways to explain these mythical creatures is pretty darn impressive. Her set up and tying events together due to past hurts is also pretty good. There is one minor pet peeve that drives me crazy in this book and the previous. She is working with very dated material. There is no World Wrestling Federation. WWF does not exist except for the World Wildlife Foundation. The wrestling world had to change their name to WWE over a decade ago. Long before these books were written. This little minor detail makes me wonder what other details she misrepresents in the story.

For example, the security terminology which Jane rattles off to help with Leo's visiting dignitaries. Are these really accurate or is it just made up stuff? These little details and questions took me out of the story line because I questioned the authenticity of it. It made the book less enjoyable for me compared to the other ones.

Still, the mythology and new characters were well written. This book was a page turner for me. The introduction of new issues is a great set up for the next book. It makes the reader want to read the next book. I want to know what is going on with Evie. Rick and Jane's relationship will be interesting to watch. Will it continue or will she break it off? As answers are provided in this story, new ones arise. I love when authors can do this so well. Ms. Hunter seems to be an expert at tantalizing the reader with bits of information to piece together. This book is recommended for Urban Fantasy lovers who enjoy a fresh take on how shifters came to be.

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