Review: Obsidian

Obsidian by Laurann Dohner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

880 is back! To be mated is not always "mated" as we learn about 880. His mate was killed in front of his eyes. In a coma, 880 is wasting away and not looking like he's going to be coming out of it. Dr. Allison is obsessed with saving 880. Why? Because she's attracted to him. Huh. Then she violates doctor/patient protocol by getting involved with a biblical way. Her controversial ways are to help 880 wake up. And boy does he wake up - one head at a time. His little head starts first.

Is it really true that a doctor can not sleep with their patient? Apparently so. I guess my medical fetish confused my reality. And here I thought it was hot for a doctor to get it on with a patient. Especially if said patient is unable to say no. Just because 880 couldn't say no, didn't mean he wasn't consenting. *wink wink*

880 wakes ups, kicks ass and then desires to mount Allison. This story is pretty thin with the world building. The alpha male who is unreasonable and focuses on mounting a sweet smelling female is good enough for me. The story fortunately forgoes the annoying hate groups. Instead, it focuses on sex, sex and more sex. Allison submits to 880 so easily. When he picks the name Obsidian, all that matters is the implied large cock.

Ms. Dohner is starting to repeat herself. Still, it's a formula which works. It's her sexual tension which pulls me in and wants to read more. The animalistic behaviour exhibited by these parahumans is hot. They exude alpha pheromones and when they get down and dirty, it's smexy play time. It would be nice to read about a female New Species main character instead of only the males. When will the New Species females finally mate? When can we have a story focused on the female sex slave New Species? Were there any male sex slaves? Still, I can't complain because I enjoyed how Obsidian was humanized and his physical strength. It's a real turn on. As usual, we have a happily ever after in a mated pair. This book is recommended to paranormal romance readers who enjoy alpha males claiming their mate with some hot sex.

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