Review: The Perfect Creation

The Perfect Creation
The Perfect Creation by Marie Harte

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Harte does it again. This series hooked me in and kept me up a couple of nights. Erin is a genetic freak creation. She's designed in a lab and experimented on. She is created to be a perfect warrior plus a sexy as hell submissive sex slave to boot. What is not to like about Erin?

Rafe certainly falls for Erin when she knocks him unconscious and kidnaps him. It's rather hilarious how the big bad guy thought he could take the little sex kitten so easily only to be flatted onto his ass.

The world Ms. Harte creates here is just the beginning of a pretty interesting one, filled with all sorts of aliens. Well, humanoid aliens. She isn't creating a very robust world, but enough for the reader to fill in the blanks and go with the smexy kinky fun. This book is BDSM lite with a focus on some hot D/s. I love D/s so this one is right up my alley. Plus, with a strong female submissive, it's even hotter for me. This is a lovely little treat which is recommended to sci-fi kinky book lovers.

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