Review: Pierced

Pierced by Natasha Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maggie is single and finally free of her tyrannical boyfriend. He controlled her so much that now she has a little taste of freedom, she's going to go wild. Well, not really that wild. She goes to a tattoo shop for a belly button piercing. Owner of the tattoo shop, Anthony can sent the submissive sent wafting from her.

Is this realistic? Yes. Submissives, especially women are easy for some people to spot. Anthony is one who spots a submissive with barely a blink. What follows is a bit unrealistic, yet it's smexy fun. Maggie is a sweet and obedient little girl. There is no way she is able to resist Anthony's commanding orders. His scenes with her are hot and move at a faster pace then what is believable. Since this is a short story, a sped up sexual relation is expected.

There were a couple of points which were unclear in this story. Was Maggie new to the BDSM lifestyle? At times it seemed she was completely inexperienced and at other times, it seemed as if she was in the know. This causes a bit of confusion to the reader. The ex-boyfriend was also a bit odd. Was he into the lifestyle too but a Dom gone wrong? Or was he just an abusive controlling jerk? It's hard to tell and it makes the reader question the story a bit more, given the conflicting representation of Maggie's BDSM experience.

Still, this short story is a hot sexy number. The added menage increase the heat and brings the story into a happy closure. Hopefully this is just the tasty appetizer, paving the way for a much longer story between Maggie and Anthony. This smexy story is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a little spanking, menage and D/s.

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