Review: Reluctant Surrender

Reluctant Surrender
Reluctant Surrender by Riley Murphy

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The Romance Review

Is it possible to convert a vanilla woman into a willing submissive? This is a question many debate. In RELUCTANT SURRENDER, this question is put to the test. Will Colin Reneaux take a walk on the dark side with Dom Ethan White and want to stay with him?

Colin is a highly sought after photographer who blogs under the name of Riling Rita. Prim and proper Colin comes across as a boring wallflower whose only kink would be if she slept wrong and woke up with a sore neck. Dom Ethan is determined to show her how the other side lives not only because his business needs a good review from Riling Rita, but because there is something about Colin that pulls him.

Ethan suffers from Dom ennui. His last submissive, Jade, was a mentally unstable woman who drained him to the point he no longer enjoys dominating. Colin is the first person in a long time to wake him out of his zombie-like state. Ethan knows something that Colin does not know. He's read all of her blog posts and he sees her submissive side waiting to be discovered. His plan to help Colin become his submissive while earning a rave review for his BDSM hotel is diabolical.

Ethan trains her in D/s with an easy non-threatening manner. Although Colin resists at first, she quickly falls in line. Ethan's reputation as The Hypnotist is warranted. What really pushes this story over the top and into happy smexy land is the BDSM tapas Ethan offers to Colin. Yes, this is correct - BDSM tapas. This is where Ethan offers little tastes of different role-playing scenes for Colin to sample. Where do I go to find some BDSM tapas? Two of my favourite kinks were covered in here – medical and interrogation. Both were sensually hawt.

Ms. Riley creates some very delicious BDSM scenes perfect for those who want to get their feet wet. It's hot, kinky and with the right Dom, out of this world! Ethan is definitely the right Dom. His masterful control and sexy dialogue will melt most submissives. Inexperienced Colin is no match for his careful strategy. Watching Colin submit is a delightful thing. Colin's wary attitude and her caution are just right and expected from someone trying the lifestyle out. Ethan systemically takes out each of her walls and helps her discover what she really wants.

This kinky story is recommended to both new and experienced BDSM lovers. It's filled with sexy role-playing delight.

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