Review: Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story

Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story
Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story by Marie Harte

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The Romance Review

Power up the vibrator on this one! A silver tongue is someone who can clearly express themselves and convince others. Is this Kitty Nelson or is it Dane Hanson?

Kitty is an empath that can sooth even the most troubled soul. She's part of the former secret government psychic group. Now she works in the private sector with many of her former teammates. Their day job cover is a gym. Dane is the brother of Kitty's good friend. Dane does not like Kitty, the red headed busty Amazonian woman because he knows there is something odd about her. A former marine, Dane knows Kitty is the reason why his sister is marrying his family's archenemy.

Kitty and Dane in a room will definitely heat up the temperature. Ms. Harte writes sexual tension like no other. Kitty is a powerhouse both physically and psychically. She fears submission due to watching someone she loves crave the pain and degradation. She equates submission with being a doormat and desiring abuse. She's seen it with her own eyes.

Dane is an alpha male who is physically strong and psychically a null. In some aspects, a null is even more powerful due to the neutralization effects. Dane immediately picks up on Kitty's submissive side and it brings his dominance out. The things he does with Kitty are perfect for a wary submissive. Everything he does is just the right balance of orders mixed in with some kinky sex.

The BDSM focus here is on the D/s. It's an excellent demonstration of erotic power exchange with very little SM and mild BD. Kitty is definitely not into the SM and fortunately for her, Dane can do without SM. The D/s is hot in this story. Ms. Harte turns it up a notch in her smexy Dom. Each book in this series is building in BDSM intensity. One can only hope it continues to increase in an exponential manner.

The plot in this story continues with Owen's stolen psychic artifacts. This time, it's a statue called The Little Death. It's Kitty's job to retrieve it. There is only one sure way to retrieve this statue from the current owner. Kitty needs a personal invite to the owner's home. This is where Dane comes in. His hobby as a part type sculptor gives him an in with the statue's owner. Dane agrees to help secure an invitation only if Kitty submits to him sexually for the duration of the assignment. Holy HR violations! While this is very wrong of Dane, this horny reader can't help but wish to be in Kitty's lucky shoes. Kitty grudgingly accepts the deal but it's clear she is excited and wants to submit badly. If she needs to be "blackmailed" to ease her conscience – so be it.

This smexy paranormal suspense story is recommended to kinky readers who loves when an alpha male and female fight for dominance.

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