Review: Skinwalker

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an AMAZING new series for me. I really enjoyed it! Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker yet she doesn't know all of her history. Her memory of her early years is sketchy. This matters not as she is currently a kick ass rogue vampire slayer. I LOVE JANE! She's smart and sassy. She's irreverent to authority figures and she can resist handsome sexy men. I thought for sure she was going to succumb to the sexy vampire and his blood servant. Well, maybe a menage with the two would work too! I'm not picky.

The world building in this book is pretty good and fresh. It has me interested and I really want to read more. There are supernatural beings in this world, yet we don't know how they came into existence. There are hints to it. Not all the supernaturals have been outed yet. So far, we only have vampires and witches. Although a vampire did admit to werewolves and elves.

The character development in this book is great. The secondary characters are intriguing. Molly and her witchy family is going to be interesting. I hope to learn more about them. It seems they will be playing a bigger role in future books. Leo, one of the vampire masters is delicious. His sensuality makes me wet. That he can lead in a complicated ballroom dance has me melted into a puddle of goo. The sexual tension between Jane and several of the males in this story is so good. I love deferred gratification so for her to deny them, I'm a happy camper. When she finally gives in, I can't wait. I wonder how it will happen and if they will take her blood. This is a must read book. Recommended to urban fantasy lovers who enjoy a strong female lead who isn't emotionally messed up and can hold her own.

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