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Switch by Desiree Holt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Switch is a book devoted to short stories about switches. Since there aren't many books with switches highlighted, this collection is of great interest. It starts out with a sweet story by Ms. Holt. In Top or Bottom? the twist is easily guessed at the beginning. Still the smexy femdom scenes were a treat. It’s a believable story of a couple who thrive on communication and love.

Mastering Maya by Ms. Sarai is okay. The story is well written as far as editing and continuity. What is a little distracting or off putting are the characters. Maya’s past issues which leads her to become a Domme is plausible, but her reactions to the new person, Master Shark is discomforting. It’s hard to say exactly what makes this story causes the reader to be ill at ease. It could be the dialogue between the two dominants as well as their introspection which makes the characters come across as less likeable. It’s is an accurate reflection of how people are in real life. It’s just a negative representation which makes these two characters disengaging.

Wagers of Sin by Ms. Coldwell is a lovely piece. The concept is great as well as the writing. This is a tightly written story which provided a couple of tasty D/s scenes. It would be nice to see more discipline scenes between Selina and Marcus. The ending is definitely a highlight which would have been great if it were a tad longer and more descriptive. Marcus is definitely a Dom to lust after.

Still the One by Ms. Zwaduk is decent. It’s a smexy flip of a macho man in the racing world. Eric is stressed out and things are coming apart since his promotion to management. So often those who are really good doers are terrible managers. Eric definitely falls into this category. Janine, his friend with benefits, knows just how to relax him and it’s with some kinky femdom. Since it’s an introduction into the lifestyle for Eric, the femdom is very very light. Ms. Zwaduk sadistically teases the reader with a glimpse of pegging. When the reading is eagerly anticipating the scene, the story ends.

Switching off by Ms. Valenti is another decent read. It’s a stereotypical stressed out female manager who needs to give up control in her personal life to give her some balance. Nina is overworked, understaffed and undermined. She is ready to snap. Fortunately, her friend, Jon forces her to take a time out. This story hits just a little too close to home. If only there was a Jon in my life. The sex scenes are written quite well. It’s the character Nina who makes this story a bit less enjoyable. Her self-righteous martyr attitude comes across irritating. It makes the reader really want to give her a good tanning and time out in the corner.

Who Compels My Strength by Ms. Gallagher is a fitting end. When a couple is called into question regarding their kinky desires, it makes them take a good look at it. Bridget and Ian swing with another couple. They have been swinging for a while and thought introduce a bit of kink to spice up their foursome. It went south very quickly when the other couple was horrified at the "abuse". It never ceases to amaze this reader when people living an alternative lifestyle are so judgmental about other alternative lifestyles. It’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. For Bridget and Ian, it unfortunately throws them into an anxiety stricken loop questioning their desires. Through some hands on couples “therapy” it’s clear that there is nothing wrong with them. Different strokes for different folks! Still this story is a good lesson in how not everyone is accepting of all things kinky.

This anthology is recommended for BDSM readers who enjoy a bit of switching.

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