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Switching the Control
Switching the Control by Victoria Blisse

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Isn’t it just like an insecure man to blackmail a woman into sexual servitude when she’s in the way of his career? Melissa is a workaholic for Grimly and Vimes. She puts in long hours and weekends. She possesses no social life to speak of, but it’s all good because she is so close to gaining partnership. Richard sacrifices the same as Melissa and he needs just a little bit more of an edge to ensure he gains the upper hand. When he finds a little discrepancy in Melissa’s CV, he takes full advantage of it.

The characters in this short story are not overly endearing. Both Melissa and Richard are cold and guarded - neither one trust easily. They are essentially the same person in many ways, except one is a woman and the other is a man. Melissa’s very stupid claim on her CV is something that happens quite often in the real world, so it is believable. Even though it is a rather asinine thing to do, because the truth will always be found out.

What makes this story fun is the sex. Richard forces Melissa to obey his every whim. He focuses on sexual gratification and at times, humiliation. He even spices it up with some exhibitionist fun. Ms. Blisse writes arousing smexy D/s scenes and this is what makes the book an enjoyable read. Since the servitude is only one quick week, it doesn’t leave much room for robust character or world building. The ending is a bit abrupt and the explanations gush out a little too fast. Still, it ties up the open questions and resolves into a plausible happily ever after. It would be nice if the servitude was designed to be a month instead of a week. If there was a slower build up of kinky misbehaviours to intense BDSM scenes, this would have enhanced the book. It would have also increased the length of this book to provide a longer read. This kinky book is recommended to readers who enjoy a little dubious consensual workplace relations.

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