Review: Time Out: The Game Plan, Book Two

Time Out: The Game Plan, Book Two
Time Out: The Game Plan, Book Two by Breanna Hayse

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Diapers, baby bottles, enemas - OH MY! Ageplay fantasy scenery overload! Be still my beating heart. (Or actually, be still my vibrating dildo.) Good Lord this one nailed every one of my dearest ageplay fantasies. Cassie returns in this story as a bratty little girl. Cassie turns into a jealous freaked out little girl when she learns of a possible new sister. Isn't this how many only children become when a new sibling enters the equation? Cassie behaves no different as her Daddy Bryon finds a little girl for himself.

Krissy is a cute cubby red head who Aunt Suzanne finds for Bryon. Krissy is quickly initiated into the world of ageplay. It's interesting watching her explore it from an intellectual and personal level. Ms. Hayse shows the plausible responses when introducing a new member into a poly type of family. Even though each couple is monogamous, they still are a poly family. The ageplay without the sexual content is a fabulous element. This was a very well done demonstration. Not many authors can present it in a way that isn't either a lecture or or plain boring. Ms. Hayes explores the different facets of ageplay and shows not only the ups but the downs too. Delightful!

The punishments in this story are increasingly focused on regressing Cassie to a younger child. This is smoking hawt. Since her behaviour is increasingly juvenile to almost childish, her drop in age is perfect. The humiliation she experiences heightens the reader's arousal. Her strict punishment, including some wicked birching is delicious. Forcing her to have enemas and wear a diaper is deviant's dream. The anal training plus some hawt anal sex pushes the arousal over the edge into a delicious climax. One can only hope there will be continued tales of Cassie and her new sister, Krissy. This kinky book is highly recommended to ageplay lovers.

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