Review: Archangel's Storm

Archangel's Storm
Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Good," Elena said with a shoulder nudge. "You'd never fit in our club otherwise."

She [Mahiya] blinked at the startling statement. "What"?

"It's for those of us who are insane enough to fall in love with seriously badass men more sensible women would run from screaming. You've now superseded Honor as the newest member." Elena grinned. "I'll teach you the secret handshake."

With dialog like this, how can a reader not love Ms. Singh? Returning to the Archangel world is a bit of a dread for me. I'm not sure if I will like it or not. Sometimes Ms. Singh hits it dead on. Other times, I'm left grappling for some semblance of a meaningful story. In this one, Ms. Singh nails it.

My theory is, because she's incorporating information she knows first hand, it enhances this story so much better. It's true when they say, "write what you know". Now, I'm not saying she knows Angels or Vampires. But she does know Indian culture and visited different historical sites in India. It's obvious as she incorporates it into this latest book. It gives Neda's Palace and court a depth of richness which is more than skin deep. From the way the building was constructed down to the clothing the women wore, it helped me visualize this amazing place all the better. It pulls the reader into the story.

The intrigue in this story was nicely written, even if it was pretty obvious who the villain was after the second death. Each additional death and clue only confirmed it. This would not be a Ms. Singh book if she didn't also set up a thread for the next book in the series. This Cascade event sounds intriguing and I can't wait to learn more about it.

The characters in this book are pretty cool for me. Mahiya could have been a pitiful weakling. Instead, she was a powerless yet unbroken female, biding her time to escape. I can admire this in a lead female. She's not kick ass, but she definitely is no doormat. Jason has always been an angel who is mysterious and sexy. His past once revealed is completely heartbreaking. It's nice to see that Ms. Singh didn't make him a bitter jaded male either. Instead, he's just frozen in time in someways. The way Ms. Singh revealed his past was good too. There are times when authors drag it out and it just annoys the reader. In this instance, it actually made the situation more poignant for me. I felt more deeply for Jason. This story is a lovely paranormal romantic suspense for those who enjoy vengeance. Revenge is definitely a dish served cold in this one.

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