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Belle Starr
Belle Starr by Belinda McBride

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How did I not know this was in the same world as [b:An Uncommon Whore|7644545|An Uncommon Whore|Belinda McBride||17758706]? I love that world! This book features the AmWere. These are some hot smexy werewolves from Earth. Belle - Marshall Annabelle Oakley is a science experiment hybrid. Who knows what kind of DNA is mixed into her genes? She's a red headed Amazon at 6'3". I think I just fell in love. On top of this, she's a bi-sexual switch! She even wears a strap-on to peg either male or female ass. She has a vibrating anal probe. I'm close to overload in sexual desire here. The fact that she is a kick ass heroine who is kinky and smart, I'm just a puddle of submissive desire.

Tucker is Belle's partner. He's also a wolf. She rescued him from an illegal preserve and he's been loyal and faithful to her ever since. He's also a very smart and protective partner. I don't really want to give a spoiler away so I'll say no more.

Armand de le Croix is a AmWere who can't remember the past decade or so. He hooks up with Belle and boy is he an Alpha. His sexy Creole is body melting. It seems as if this book is melting me left and right. They pair up pretty well in and out of bed.

Ms. McBride creates another story which is rich with character and a decent focused plot. Plus the sex she throws in is amazing. SHIFTER SEX! Oh my lord was it hot. That and the menage sex with a knotting dick was pretty good. Ms. McBride does it graphic yet just the right level of detail to have me panting for more.

While I go on and on about the sex, this book is actually more than that. There is intrigue which sets up for another book if Ms. McBride ever chooses to write another book. There's also conspiracies along with rescue missions. We even have family reunited and babies being born. This book pretty much has it all. It's an enjoyable read which I highly recommend to those who enjoy sci-fi/fantasy erotica. I recommend this book to kinky lovers who enjoy a great story with hot shifter sex!

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