Review: The Breast Punishment Primer

The Breast Punishment Primer
The Breast Punishment Primer by Matt Nicholson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review by BookAddict (LaCrimsonFemme)
Author: Matt Nicholson
Book Title: The Breast Punishment Primer
Date Reviewed: 10/31/2012

Heat Rating: Not Worthy

Sting (Kink) Rating: 4 Stars

Story Review Rating: 3 Paddles

Interested in torturing tits and beating breasts? Ever wanted to know if what they showed in a photograph was real or not? In The Breast Punishment Primer, Mr. Nicholson covers pretty much every sensual to sadistic fetish impacting the breast. He also includes a decent history of breasts fixation and how they were tortured in the inquisition. He carefully explains the dangers of each type of breast play. Some of it is incorporated with anecdote experience. Others are details facts. What I found interesting is no matter which way a breast could be mutilated, I never saw a passage regarding how a breast could be separated from the chest if the bindings were too tight. Is this an urban legend or something which can really happen, I do not know. I only know I’ve been cautioned about big breasted women and tying their breasts too tightly or hitting them too hard which can cause the breast tissue to separate from the pectoral muscle underneath.

Regardless of this question in the back of my mind, the book covers everything from surface to tissue damage. The reader is treated to ways for ice and heat to be applied for some sensual fun. There are also good explanations for the correct gauge for needle piercing. After a while, the torture of breast becomes a bit repetitive. Repetitive - in the way - the net result is a damaged unsalvageable breast.

They way the book is laid out is what really caused the book to be a three star book. The author does a good job of keeping his sense of humour and keeping the book from being too clinical or boring. What would have helped would have been pictures. Not pictures of the mauled or destroyed breast, but of the different tools used. While he did describe the different devices, it would have helped to see even just a drawing of them. Drawing of how some of the devices were applied to the breast while graphic would probably help break up the monotony of words. Still the book thoroughly covered many different ways to punish the breast. His inclusion of a bibliography actually helped his book be more credible. I recommend this book to kinky readers and writers alike. There are many different things in here to try in real life or use in a story.

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