Review: Burn for You

Burn for You
Burn for You by Annabel Joseph

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a difficult book for me. Or perhaps a painful book for me. The first third of the book, I hated it. I mean, 1 star and I wanted to just wipe Molly out of Mesphisto's life. I guess it's true, you can't always control who you fall in love with.

Molly disgusted me. Ms. Joseph did an excellent job of showing the ugly side of this character. Molly is selfish, hateful and broken. She is broken and she revels in it. What is up with these psychotic submissive/slaves? And how does Ms. Joseph write them so damn vile? The cruel words spewing out of this immature drama queen is a shock to the system. I was really hoping Molly would commit suicide through her abuse of drugs, alcohol and unremembered random sex. Nope, not so. Mephisto to the rescue!

That poor bugger, Mephisto burns for her. Buddy, that is probably an STD she gave you. That's why it burns you *whispers - down there*. But seriously, Mephisto steps up again and helps Molly get on her feet as she continues her path of cruel emotional and psychological destruction - of HIM.

At the 1/2 way mark, I'm debating if I can even rate this book at a 2 star for being okay. I'm really kicking myself for forcing myself to read the book. I admire Ms. Joseph. I think her writing is powerful. Her attention to detail is good. Her character building is awesome. Her storyline is so realistic. God, how am I going to give this a rating that will have many hate me? It's these bloody characters. I don't know which editors/publishers tell authors this, but they are right. Doesn't matter how good story is written, if the main character is not liked, the readers will have a hard time liking it and rating it well.

Did I mention the BDSM? The BDSM scenes are fabulous and I adore each and every single scene. The cage, the role playing, the TPE, all of it is so bloody good. WHY? WHY must the main character be such a bloody head case that makes me embarrassed to witness their behaviour? The character isn't even real. This fictional character, Molly is not normal and she knows it. She can't accept herself for being what she is and she just drags everyone onto her crazy train. I want OFF THE TRAIN!

I'm with Lorna, Mephisto's good friend. I think Molly is a train wreck and will ruin his life. There is NOTHING redeemable about her. Thank God she can't procreate and produce some mini-crazy-Molly. Yup, that's how much I dislike Molly. Then about the last third of the book, Molly starts to grow up. It's surprising although based on how Ms. Joseph wrote it, it's really not that surprising. It is more like a big relief. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the last third of the book so I can at least say by the end of the story, I'm happy. This is why the book rated a 3 star despite my rantings and ravings. My favourite line in the book - "Being in labor is not the time to brag about your pain tolerance!" This book is recommended to kinky readers who love the crazies who end up being redeemed and lovable.

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