Review: Daughter of The Spellcaster

Daughter of The Spellcaster
Daughter of The Spellcaster by Maggie Shayne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lena Dunkirk is the second sister of the Babylonian witches, trying to save the Lilia's lover Demetrius. Lena is a practicing witch with her mother, Selena, as her guide. Lena is a powerful witch since she was a little girl. She's seen the past and created fantasy stories about it. As an adult, she has left it all behind as whimsical dreams. This is, until she meets playboy, Ryan McNally.

In this past lover reunited story, Lena is stronger than the first sister, Indira. It isn't just about her power and faith, it's about her character. Lena seems to be able to handle her own problems. She is supposed to come across as a savvy independent woman. Or at least the reader is told this information. Lena is unable to demonstrate it. So far, she's knocked up out of wedlock, unemployed due to her resignation and she can't communicate to save her life. She comes across as a temperamental, emotional, insecure and paranoid female. Reading from her point of view can cause a reader to want to slap her upside the head repeatedly.

Ryan's actions make more sense. Even though he's painted as a heartless cad, none of his actions prove this point. This is the author's point, so it's good to see that Ryan's character is the way it should be. He is the heart of gold hero who will save the princess in the end.

There were no surprises in this story. Ms. Shayne set up all the spoilers/clues upfront for the reader to easily surmise the ending as well as the evil villains. In this book, more is revealed about the past and it still reminds me of the movie, The Mummy Returns. This story is an easy read and enjoyable regardless of Lena. This book is recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy reunited lovers from past lives.

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