Review: Forever Wicked: Always

Forever Wicked: Always
Forever Wicked: Always by Megan Slayer

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The Romance Review

Peter Pan owns a BDSM club called Neverland. This definitely catches my interest as Peter Pan is a much-loved character. In ALWAYS, Peter Pan is part of the fae. He's been separated from Wendy Darling for over a decade. He still loves her and hopes she's into the BDSM lifestyle. Since Wendy is now a famous erotic novelist, he takes a risk and goes to see her.

This story is jarring. The reader is dropped into a world that is not fully explained. It appears most of the events that happened in this war torn world are only in the mind of the author. The reader must use the scant context clues to determine what is going on. The characters and how they interacted felt disjointed. Their dialogue is a bit stilted. Peter's reunion with Wendy would have been better if there weren't so many contrived misunderstandings. The conflicts between Peter and Hook made little sense.

The BDSM felt as if it were thrown in just to spice it up. It felt forced. How is Peter this great Dom? A scene showcasing his skill would be nice. Learning more about the war and why it separated Peter and Wendy would have also helped. If there could be more background about why the humans and fae are against each other, it would help the reader experience. The interjection of the secondary character Jackson did not help the story either. Wendy's two brothers and their secret was not the most believable.

What is frustrating about this story is it makes the reader feel as though they are missing many pieces. There are hints of other side stories that don't exactly pull together. These side stories are mentioned in a manner that expects the reader to already know about the back history. Unfortunately, there is no other book filling in the blanks. Instead the reader is given only half a scene before it's whipped away. There is too much going on in this short story. If it could be focused on just Peter and Wendy's reunion and the BDSM relationship, it would help tighten the story. This reinterpretation of a fairy tale is disappointing.

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