Review: Locked In Torture

Locked In Torture
Locked In Torture by Kayla Stonor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How does one change an alpha male into a submissive slave? Very carefully with a little help using CBT. CBT - ah, one of my favourite things when it comes to femdom. Ms. Stonor does another bang up job with a strong male submitting to a woman. The women in Ms. Stonor's stories aren't cruel either. Still, this is BDSM fantasy despite the contemporary setting. For those who want to use this as a guide to BDSM, go buy a non-fiction BDSM book. While this book does utilize some real BDSM devices, I wouldn't recommend using them without instruction.

Ryan Crichten is a covert operative for British intelligence. Unbeknownst to him, he is going to become intimate with the American agent he burned. Jenna Tayler is a FBI agent who needs to learn quickly how to be a convincing Domme to break Ryan into submission. It's break, because there is nothing consensual about it. The breaking of Ryan is HOT! Some of my favourite BDSM fetishes are featured in this story. Yes, pegging did make an appearance and I jumped up in glee!

The story flowed pretty well and moved at a decent pace. I devoured the book when I first beta read it. When Ms. Stonor revised it and sent me the published copy, I enjoyed the book more. The added humiliation scenes and violation were a treat. What is surprising is the romance part of the book. The romance is sweet and I ended up liking Ryan. Then again, it could be that Ryan brings out my Domme side and I'd love to dominate him. It would be divine. This femdom novella is recommended to kinky readers who want a believable submissive alpha male.

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