Review: Raven Cursed

Raven Cursed
Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane's life is crumbling down around her. In book four in this series, the "shit just got real". This takes place right after the last story ended. It's almost seamless which is so nice to enjoy when reading books in a series, back to back. Jane is back in her hometown on assignment for Leo. For someone who doesn't want to be involved with vampires, she certainly seems to be make more and more ties.

This latest story is about lost. Lost of families, friends, herself and even a bit of her own humanity. Ms. Hunter pulls no punches as she puts Jane through the wringer. How does Jane survive all this destruction? It's hard to say. I'm not sure Jane came out of it stronger and better. Right now, she seems to just be barely holding on by a thread. It's sad since Jane does the best she can between the choices she's been dealt. There are no good answers. On top of this, someone is always negatively impacted by her decision. This type of writing is what really makes it good for me.

I love how it reflects the same choices in life. It's not always going to be a happily ever after. Situations are complicated and sometimes, decisions now have impacts much further down the road that we don't expect or intend. The latest reveal of Jane's past is shocking. Not only is it shocking, it's heartbreaking. What Jane learns of her grandmother tears at my heart and I cry for Jane, even if she does not cry for herself. Of course, all of this is going on while Jane is trying to do a job, keep the vampires save.

The sexual tension in this story is definitely increasing. I like it! I love how Beast plants naughty images in Jane's head about men she's attracted to. It's amusing how carnal Beast is while Jane is quite prude. It's also nice to see how Jane doesn't just screw around with any guy. To date, she's only really with Rick and that hasn't been repeated in a while. I'm still hoping for a lovely threesome with George and Leo. I doubt I'm the only one who is hoping for this. If it ever does happen, I'm doubtful I'll receive a full on sex scene. Ms. Hunter is a tease. She shows a little leg and then cuts to the next morning. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy great character development, a great plot and good world building. It's what the Anita Blake series could have been.

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