Review: Shadow

Shadow by Laurann Dohner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finally a story with a Gifted female with a New Species male. Beauty is a primate and easily mistaken as a human. She's right that she's still being treated like a prisoner even though she's been freed. I'm a bit startled how much they wrap her up in bubble wrap. It's a bit depressing. She's pissed about it and I can totally understand it. Who wouldn't be pissed being treated like a stupid child?

Fortunately, Shadow doesn't think she's a stupid child. He is hesitant but good think for Beauty. She convinces him otherwise. I did like the little phrase from Breeze - "gift wrapped" That was hilarious. I approve.

This story is the second one which doesn't include the "hater" group. I am thankful for it being missed. We can focus on the sweet romance between two damaged Species. It's a lovely thing to see them overcome their rape and be able to enjoy each other. Learning more about the drug company and the Gifted females enhanced the story. I'm hoping we get to have a story about Moon next. I'm worried about Moon. I love that name.

Overall, this story was sweet and predictable. It's a good happily ever after romance which I can recommend to paranormal romance lovers.

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