Review: Sleep No More

Sleep No More
Sleep No More by Iris Johansen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is there life after Bonnie for Eve? Apparently so. In this latest installment in the romantic suspense series, Ms. Johansen introduces us to a new character - Beth Avery. Beth's tie into Eve is a surprise to all. It's a nice addition and Bonnie's visit to Eve is lovely.

There has to be a suspense of disbelief for many of the "woo woo" stuff in these stories. Once that happens, these stories are quite lovely. I enjoyed this well edited if predictable plot. Joe and Eve are like a pair of comfortable slippers for me. See them together again while trying to solve a mystery is great. I'm a bit surprised how often Joe can just take off from work though. I didn't realize cops, even detectives could do it so easily w/o losing their job.

What I really enjoyed about this story is the fact that there are several strong women in this book and they aren't bitches to each other. Sure, they rub each other a bit, but they aren't fighting for male attention. New character Kendra is one I really like and I wish it were true. Kendra's ability to process information from all her 5 senses is impressive and I liked how Ms. Johansen wrote her. Kendra's interaction with Eve is realistic and fun to sit back and watch. Eve's relationship with Beth is also one of realistic ups and downs. This is probably what I like best about Ms. Johansen's characters. While they may have some "woo woo" stuff, their actions and responses ring true to how she created them. They don't behave in illogical manners.

This story is recommended to romantic suspense readers.

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