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Steel's Edge
Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews

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Buy this book now! This is another stunning book from the fabulous duo - Ilona Andrews. The book made it to my house late yesterday evening and I read it yesterday. I've already re-read parts I enjoyed a couple of times. I LOVED IT! I'm so sad this is the last in this series. It's a lovely world they created. One can only hope a few spin offs may show up in the future. Better to end a series at it's high point than drag it out past it's expiration date. Ilona Andrews definitely understands "leaving them wanting more".

Steel's Edge was completely worth the wait. The latest main characters are Richard and Charlotte. These two were created with excellent chemistry. I'm always impressed with how witty the dialog is between the characters. The authors did an excellent job with character building as always. Charlotte is quite lovely. She's a healer who kills and in this world; and the killing will essentially be the death of her. I love this twist. Richard is pretty amazing too. I liked him in the previous book and in this one, he really shines. He's a ruthless romantic. Plus he really knows how to use his sword. *wink wink*

I was a bit shocked with some of the deaths and I admit to tearing up and going, "what? NOOOOOOOO! WHY???" It made the book that much better with the conflict and pain. My favourite brothers Jack and George make an appearance in this book. They are so grown up! Yet they are still young kids in many senses. Their antics are hilarious at times and other times, it's moving to the point of tears.

The conflict in this story was believable and very well written. It was just the right amount of human indecency and violence. I reveled in it! KILL! KILL THEM ALL! Yes, this lovely little chant went through my head as each atrocity from the slavers were brought to light. Happily, both Richard and Charlotte agreed with me. And kill they did. I personally loved the moniker Silver Death. While it could be alarming, I found it to be sexy and appropriate for Charlotte.

The thing which shocked me most in this story was not the death and vengeance. It was actually the sex. I wasn't expecting it and when it happened, I think my brain slammed to a halt. It's not something I expect from from a publisher produced book for this author so I was caught off guard. It not a bad thing. It was actually pretty sweet and a little tiny bit kinky.

My favourite part of this book is the sense of humour coming through it. There were references to the Princess Bride which I loved. Jack's nonchalant comments to his brother, George, were funny. What's really good about the way this is written, is that the authors also show how the characters are responding. The characters are not just talking, they are also doing. This is amazing because now the book plays like a movie for me. I can hear the characters saying something and see what they are doing at the same time. I can imagine the look on George's face as he's bugging out to Jack's comments. This book is filled with emotion which just engages me completely. I felt anger, sadness, outrage, happiness and heartbreak. This book is highly recommended to urban fantasy and paranormal romance lovers. It should be shelved on the "bitch read this book now" shelf. This is another excellent book from the husband and wife team, Ilona Andrews.

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