Review: A Super Spanking

A Super Spanking
A Super Spanking by Louisa Bacio

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Suffocated by your father and older brothers? Every eligible male chased off by your protective brothers? Meet Samantha, newly graduated from college and still living at home with Daddy. Sam needs a life. Specifically, a love life! At this point, even a one-night stand would help scratch her itch.

Determined to live a little, Sam declares it's time to move out of the house. Despite resistance, Sam is now happily situated in her own little apartment. This is where she meets the apartment manager, Max, who is not too much older than Sam.

The short story quickly moves into a smexy spanking session. The buildup is quick and it is good. The kinky byplay between the characters is sweet and sensual. This fantasy is easily many women's dream when they first move into a place of their own.

If the story were a bit longer with more character building and additional erotic growth for Sam, it would be more pleasurable. Due to the length, it's more of an appetizer. Hopefully Ms. Bacio will write a full entrée with more spanking fun. Her writing voice is flirtatious and light. This short smexy story is recommended for spanking fans.

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