Review: Accidentally on Porpoise

Accidentally on Porpoise
Accidentally on Porpoise by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A body floating in the water will cause anyone to stop a boat and start an immediate rescue. When the body is a live naked hunk, it's a bonus!

Sean Morita's relaxing day out in the ocean just became very interesting. Not only do two dolphins nearly collide into his boat, but he also successfully pulls an unconscious Emery Nadel out of the water. Where did Emery come from? And where did the dolphin that crashed into his boat go?

Emery is a dolphin shifter. His fun day filled with a game of fuck tag was ruined by Denby, another dolphin shifter who wasn't paying attention to the boat. To save Denby, Emery shoves him out of the way and ends up getting his noggin smashed. The plus side is he falls into the arms of Sean. Ms. Dalton's trademark quirky snarky humour is easily seen through this book. My favourite concept in this book is the game of fuck tag. Now I only need to find some hot men to play tag with me.

Humour aside, this story is odd for me. Before that, let me say that I am a huge Ms. Dalton fan. Her BDSM books have me squealing like a painslut. Her ménage books have me feasting on the sexual sandwich. Her paranormal shifter books have me salivating for hot alpha rough sex. In every genre, there is a focused story fleshed out with world building and character development. Her characters are designed with good and bad parts. There aren't any extreme villains. Lately though, her recent stories are increasingly filled with the completely evil villain, which is a bit of a disappointment.

In this story, Emery's best friend, Erik, turns on him in a brusque manner. It's completely unexpected. While Ms. Dalton does give valid reasons for why Erik turned, it feels too contrived. This is a departure from her previous elegant writing.

The story does still contain smexy hot sex. The added mate bonding is to be expected. The family conflict and resolution for two sons coming out is predictable. I did enjoy the tale and want to read the next in the series. This is because the book feels cut off, almost like a serial book rather than a series. Nevertheless, this short story is a fun read and recommended for m/m paranormal lovers who have a fetish for dolphin shifters.

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