Review: Applying for Pleasure

Applying for Pleasure
Applying for Pleasure by Jade James

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The Romance Review

A company that fulfills the sexual fantasies of an adult – where is this company? How much does it cost for a fantasy? Where is the signup sheet? The concept of this story is pretty hot. The company, Capture Inc., is the brainchild of brothers John and Sean. It's a lovely little dive into the erotic desires of many women who want a little "kidnapping" thrill. While sex is not advertised, it's implied.

Capture Inc. definitely catches Ariel's attention. She's wanted to submit and be helpless in the arms of her captor. She also has an ulterior motive that makes the story a bit odd. For the sexual tension and the writing voice, Ms. James does a good job. As far as the plot goes, the reader should temporarily suspend their disbelief.

Ariel and John's past connection is just bizarre. It did not help the story or enhance it. My guess is that it's supposed to be character building. It's supposed to give a past history and explain why Ariel would want to patronize a company like Capture Inc. It didn't work for me and actually detracted from the storyline. The premise doesn't make sense because Ariel should have been able to find John a long time ago. For her not to know his name just doesn't ring true to life. Since this is a contemporary romance, this conflict is a bit hard to believe.

The conflict between the brothers who are so close is also difficult to fathom. It's not believable they would become so estranged as to end up the way they did. For Ariel and John to want each other this badly that he sacrifices so much while in return, she sacrifices nothing? This is just too farfetched for me. Still, the romance is sweet with a predictable happily ever after. This contemporary romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a fated happily ever after.

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