Review: Bloodweight

Bloodweight by Eva LeNoir

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Vampires, shifters, demons and females kicking ass in MMA cage fighting, what's not to like? HAWT! Ellen is a MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter who is the underdog in a cage fight. She's caught the attention of a master vampire, Nash. Nash is the one running the fighting circuit with an eye on Ellen. Ever since she rebuffed his attentions, Nash has been watching her.

This short story is written with a good focus and nice build up in sensual tension. The MMA is something I really enjoy - to have it incorporated in this manner is a lovely touch. It would have been nice to incorporate a bit more lingo to the enrich the fighting scene. Using terminology such as their fighting styles or martial arts discipline would have been nice. For example, one of my favourite holds is the rear naked choke. This could have been easily slipped into the story line when the demon was down and Ellen had the upper hand. This obviously naughty sounding hold would work for both those who follow MMA and those who do not. Those who don't know what it looks like in real life would conjure dirty images in their mind. For those who do know what this hold looks like, oh boy, to see two women, scantily clad, sweaty and in this slightly sexy position - tasty!

The sexual scenes in the story were straight forward and sweet. For a story with a lead female fighting, perhaps a bit of wrestling in the bed would have kicked up the heat and built the sexual tension more. Nash's way of pleasing Ellen was mm-mm good.

The conflict in this story was a bit baffling for me. I'm not sure I fully understood why it was such a problem. It felt just a little forced to have this conflict. Then again, I'm not into the underground gaming world so this could be perfectly plausible. It did set the story up into a nice tidy resolution with a happily ever after. Ms. LeNoir is a new to me author and she's one I'll be watching. I hope to read another story in this series and this time, focusing on the mysterious sexy coach of Ellen's. I love an alpha shifter. This book is recommended to paranormal romance lovers who enjoy a heroine who can hold her own.

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