Review: Deceived

Deceived by Silvia Violet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Only the allure of a possible vengeance would convince a trip to the godforsaken world of Lithusia. This is the planet where Derek was tortured over and over again by the Krax. This second book in the series is a piece in the puzzle to who sold out IIB agents Derek and Lark. Derek is determined to get to find the traitor and make them pay. When they discover it is someone they trusted, it shatters them.

The story moved pretty fast and was a quick read. The reader learns more about this world and the conspiracies against Derek and Lark. More questions are raised which one can only hope are answered in the next book. Many of the questions from the previous book are answers in this one. Still, this book can be confusing at times. It could be because the names Derek and Lark are so similar that at times it’s hard to remember which person is talking and which one is the one with issues. It could also be that the two characters are so similar that it’s hard to distinguish between the two. This is the main reason why this story rated a 3 star.

Still, this second story is hot with the D/s sexy scenes. The undertones of BDSM between these two alpha males are tasty and expected from the talented Ms. Violet. The building of trust after a big betrayal for Derek and Lark is a beautiful thing to witness. Derek’s obsession to right the wrong is painful to witness as Lark is left helpless. It’s nice to see two characters that are both strong alpha males bond in a loving D/s relationship. The sexual punishment scene with the collar on Lark was rough, hot and so good. Lark’s submission and Derek’s sadism blew my mind. This one snippet from Derek’s point of view had me immediately aroused and wanting more – “he planned to beat Lark's ass until it was red and welted and burning after locking him in place with the collar. Finally he'd fuck him hard and fast until Lark begged, until he was limp and loose, until he surrendered so completely Derek was in him all the way to his heart.” This is kind of submission is definitely up my alley. This is hot sci-fi romance is recommended to kinky m/m readers.

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