Review: Love by Number

Love by Number
Love by Number by Kara Leigh Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interested in a whirlwind island romance? This is the sweet story for you. Ashleigh is a workaholic at an island resort who's been badly burned by a lover. Not only did he cheat on her, he stole her best friend and all her money. Ryan is a new employee to the resort and will be working directly for Ashleigh. The sparks fly when the handsome hunk chases after his sexy boss.

This sweet story moves at a good pace. The conflict is believable and the characters are engaging. The reader can feel the turmoil Ashleigh experiences. Ryan's duplicity is also easily understandable. What is confusing about the story is Ash's ex-boyfriend, Mark. Why is he still calling her? What does he want from her? What was the purpose of the phone calls other than to aggravate Ashleigh? Is it a set up for something else? It was never used to help Ryan overhear and gain insight about Ashleigh.

There is one thing about this story that bothered me. It has nothing to do with the writing or the author, it's more about people in general. This isn't the first romance story I've read where a lover is taken in and loses all their money. They are piled with debt or their money is completely stolen from them. Is this something that happens in real life? It's something I wondered because I can't fathom this ever happening. I would never steal a lover's money. Then again, unless I was married, I would never have a shared bank account. Even then, a joint account is not something many couples do anymore. Most of the people I know have a household account where money is deposited to pay for the shared bills. The rest of the money each individual earned is squirreled away in accounts that the spouse/lover can not access. Perhaps I run with a jaded group. It just boggles my mind to have money stolen like this in a story.

Back to the story, the sex in this story is sweetly sensual. Definitely a good fit for these two characters and in a romantic contemporary piece. The scenes were incorporated smoothly and not forced. The flipping of point of views between Ryan and Ashleigh was also nicely done. Made the book more enjoyable to see how they each felt. This lovely romance story is recommended to those who want a bit of hot island fun.

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