Review: Love Runes

Love Runes
Love Runes by Jay Lygon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why did it take me so long to read this book? I read the first in this series earlier and really enjoyed it. This second one is just as fabulous for me. This is a BDSM m/m SM Daddy kink delight!

The intermingling of gods and goddesses amongst the mortals is reminiscent of Greek gods and goddesses. The different types of deity are fabulous. The obvious God of Love, God of Sex are expected. I still love the Goddess of Traffic and Goddess of Negotiation. These were fun. In this latest book, Sam is still with Hector. They have a M/s SM relationship going with Sam's desire for Daddy kink too. The SM is hot. Make no doubts about it. Plus the issues that arose in the book were dead on issues in a M/s relationship. Mr. Lygon does an excellent job. His portrayal of BDSM is hot and oh so good. I love it.

The world Mr. Lygon creates is fabulous too. The way he built it with ghosts, Wiccans and deities is very smooth and enjoyable. His descriptions of places and people are very clear. He is a good story teller. His conflict is believable and all too realistic. It's sad and I can feel the angst completely.

I highly recommend this book to kinky readers who enjoy a strong but not perfect Daddy and a submissive with a Peter Pan syndrome.

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