Review: The Man In 3B -

The Man In 3B -
The Man In 3B - by Alexis Shore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever watch the movie Four rooms? This book reminds me of that movie. If you enjoyed that movie, you probably will enjoy this book. This style is slightly schizophrenic as the reader follows not one but at least four different points of view. Each character tells the story and how they see the same event from their perspective. I guess if we are going to make comparisons, we could also compare to the Book of Gospels: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

In this novella, there are Sheena, Rachael, Peter and Mike. Neighbors, their lives coincide in odd intersections. I found it interesting to see how Sheena perceives herself and then how Rachael intended it. This was pretty fascinating for me. For Sheena to also misinterpret body language from her "best friend" Rachael was pretty hilarious to me too. I've been in this situation where a friend at a bar appealed to me for help and I didn't get the message and moved away from the creepy guy. Apparently "all" women know when a certain phrase with eye contact means - "Help me get rid of this creep." I missed that day in class. So, it is good to know that others miss this day in class too.

The one who is most deluded and disgusting is Mike. I am completely repelled by this disgusting character. Ms. Shore does an excellent job of creating this troll.

The sex in this book was bizarre. There is a mix of kinky stuff as well as a full on orgy. It's all rather non sequitur. Still, it made for a fascinating read. For those who aren't interested in linear storylines, this is the smexy book to read.

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