Review: Red Zone

Red Zone
Red Zone by Sherri Hayes

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

What do does a FBI agent and a star quarterback have in common? Nothing. Yet sparks fly when Agent Rebecca Carson is assigned to protect Gage Daniels. This is a very sweet romantic suspense which will have romantic readers smiling while reading the book. It is very enjoyable and the characters are definitely engaging. Definitely a 3.5 star book!

Rebecca is a reserved and by the book woman. Her childhood shaped her to be the relationship adverse woman she is today. Gage is a cocky party guy from a huge loving family. With such different backgrounds, it's amazing they can even relate and have a baseline to understand each other. Ms. Hayes does a great job of blending these diverse backgrounds to allow for a romance to build and bubble over. Gage is definitely good for Rebecca.

This story is a feel good book where love does conquer over all. The characters were all lovable and I'd want to read more about them. This story style is reminiscent of a Nora Roberts romance which I absolutely adore. The romantic suspense part of it was believable for the most part. The villain revealed at the end was not a huge surprise. Ms. Hayes did an excellent job of building it up and providing a good resolution.

There were a few items which made me question the story. As long as I ignored those, I was okay with the story. The first one was Rebecca working on the case while she was placed on a leave of absences. I'm not sure on the FBI policies, but this seems to be very odd to me and I can't believe a FBI agent forced to go on a leave of absence would be allowed to moonlight for a private firm. The second oddity was Rebecca's response when she was with Gage. I would have thought to keep consistency while being undercover, Rebecca would continue to practice being a Gage's girlfriend even when in his home. Otherwise, she's slip up to easily and call him Mr. Daniels when they were out and about. The last item which threw me was Megan showing up at a bus stop but then Rebecca mentioned having picked her up at the airport. This discrepancy did throw me a little which caused me to flip back several pages and double check. This took me out of the story a little. Other than these oddities, the story flowed really well. It was a smooth easy read in one sitting. I recommend this book to all romantic suspense lovers.

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