Review: Rosemary Entwined

Rosemary Entwined
Rosemary Entwined by Bianca Sommerland

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Where is the first book to this series? I've now read BOTH of the books in this series and I'm thinking the author forgot something...the first book. Rosemary is a some type of Succubus who needs seven men to feed her. She also need to have one Prince. She has a slight problem, her mother wants her dead.

This story is really like a mix of Sunny's Mona Lisa Series plus Snow White. Although, to be fair, Sunny's book is a rip off of Anne Bishop's Dark Jewel series combined with aspects of LKH's Anita Blake books. If you've read all three of these series plus the story of Snow White, perhaps this book will be much easier for you to understand.

The similarities of Snow White are:

1. The seven men which is the same number of dwarfs
2. The dress (laced stays)
3. The comb
4. The golden apple

It's similar to the Mona Lisa series because of the need to feed off of men who make her nest. Plus there is always a consort. Although to be fair, every fairy tale has a consort.

The first half of the book was unreadable for me. I nearly put it down as DNF and a 1 star. I honestly couldn't get any of the men straight other than Kurt and the "Prince". They all felt kind of the same to me. Yes, some of them were more sub than Dom. And they had different jobs and different supernatural powers, but none of them were developed in a manner that I could separate them out as individual beings. They were just dicks to be fucked and sucked.

The sex scenes were interesting. The bit of D/s was tasty. It's really the last maybe 1/4 of the book where it became more interesting and I enjoyed it. The last 1/4 of the book saved it for me and I wish there was more to this world. As a first debut book to show how more than three men can be devoted to one woman, I'd say Ms. Sommerland accomplished her goal.

Improvement points I'd recommend would be - more clarity and world building up front. Do the humans know about all these supernatural beings? My guess is not. How many different supernatural beings are there and how to they relate? How does a nest exactly function? I understand a lot of it was hit or miss because Rosemary is learning, but it's implied that someone is teaching them and it's never said who is doing it. There's only a mention of Kurt indicating that the men have been lax. What is the function of these nests? What do the territories entail? What is this other group that don't like Rosemary's existence? There are many pieces to this world which seems to be in the author's head rather than in the book. This makes it hard for the reader to enjoy it. Especially when the book ends and all the same questions remain.

Overall, I still enjoyed the book because the ending piece was good for me. I recommend this to kinky paranormal readers who have read the books I've mentioned BEFORE reading this one.

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