Review: Siren Unleashed

Siren Unleashed
Siren Unleashed by Sophie Oak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a must read book! It is on my list to re-read over and over. Ms. Oak does it again with a fabulous book. In Siren Unleashed, she's touching upon touchy subjects. There are slaves, human trafficking, a cutter, fucked up women and some "broken" men. The focus is on Chase and Ben Dawson who are hot Navy SEAL twins. Be still my rapidly beating heart.

Natalie grew up in the D/s world, with her parents as prominent lifestylers. Kidnapped and tortured, what Natalie used to love has been twisted into something bad. It's sad when something good is turned into bad. Natalie finds a way to deal with it through cutting. Side note - as a former cutter, I can completely understand her need to cut. I was never as bad as Natalie is in this book, but I can attest to the physical pain from cutting to help me deal with things.

The Dawson twins are delicious. I agree with Natalie that Chase is the intriguing one. This is not to say that Ben is not interesting, just that Chase is the Dom for me too. He's presented as "broken" here. He's kind of broken but not really. It's more fear of what may happen which causes him to isolate himself. The way Ben and Chase interact with each other is funny and bittersweet at times. I can see from both their points of view and it makes my heart bleed for them. Natalie is perfect for them. The reader is once again treated to a sense of community where there is no judgment and a wonderful belonging feeling. Love it!

The usual cast of characters make guest appearances and I love it. It's always good to see Julian. All these hot male Doms plus smexy switches makes me green with envy. I wish it was were so in real life. The BDSM in this is more D/s than anything else. It's light BDSM and enjoyable. Showing the darker side of BDSM and possible pitfalls were well done. Ms. Oak does another bang up job writing a hot BDSM romance. I highly recommend this to kinky menage lovers who enjoy UberDoms and suspense.

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