Review: Sweet Awakening

Sweet Awakening
Sweet Awakening by Melinda Barron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sprinkle me with glitter! I've only categorized this as glitterkink because there are wealthy men (so are the women) and there are not one but two exclusive clubs. That is the extend of the glitterkink though. The D/s and hot menage in this book is tasty good! The reader is treated to a woman who struggles with her submissive side and comes to term with it through the help of two men.

Oscar and Walker are two hot Doms that have been friends for a long time. They also share their submissives. Harper is a woman fighting to find her missing sister. While she doesn't enjoy the BDSM lifestyle, she's not going to judge her sister for loving it. Hiring Walker some how involves Oscar and Harper's in for a ride.

This story's main message is that it takes the right fit to find the right BDSM relationship. Not everyone's kink is the same but when matching kinks align, it's a beautiful thing to see. Stories like this are ones I enjoy because it's my own personal fantasy, to have kinks align. Reality is rather bitter. Ms. Barron definitely kicks up the heat in this book and it's very enjoyable. For those who enjoy the lighter BDSM, this is highly recommended.

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