Review: Take it Like a Vamp

Take it Like a Vamp
Take it Like a Vamp by Candace Havens

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The Romance Review

Two lonely orphans become the best of friends. They secretly have the hots for each other, but they hide it for different reasons. In this friends-to-lovers story, there is an added little supernatural twist.

Casey is the typical female who loathes her chunky body. She wishes her hips would slim down as well as the nasty bulge on her belly. She moans over her dull taupe curly hair. The only men she attracts are losers. Even her large breasts aren't enough to entice the men she dates to sleep with her. Can you smell the desperation emanating from this low self-esteem female?

Yet somehow she manages to capture the heart and attention of an insanely wealthy billionaire who is drop dead gorgeous. Readers, suspend reality in order to enjoy this book, because this woman is a total loser. She thinks, acts and convinces everyone she is a total loser for more than half of the book. She is constantly critical of her body and incessantly whines about it. Still, this doesn't deter Nick from wanting her.

This trope is a pet peeve of mine. A woman who is obviously just fine physically describes herself as some kind of Quasimodo. Then a fairy godmother character gives her new clothing, colours her hair and voilĂ , she's beautiful. It takes a man to make her whole and worth it. The oddest part is Casey is supposed to be this amazing graphics artist yet she can't figure out how to make herself look good.

This is the first story by Ms. Haven I've read where I'm disgusted with the lead female character. Usually Ms. Haven's female leads are smart and kick ass. This one is smart and constantly being kicked in the ass. Based on Casey's behaviour, her inability to find a good man is completely on her shoulders. She lacks respect for herself. Why should any man respect her? Of course, this all turns around because Nick gives her a Cinderella treatment which changes her perspective.

Despite this trite trope, the world building shows potential and the character dialogue is classic Ms. Haven. This world is filled with hidden supernaturals. It would help if Ms. Haven spent more time building the world instead of Casey ripping on herself. The dialogue between the characters is fun and snarky. The interaction between the Nick and Casey is amusing and endearing. Even the secondary characters are a delightful addition.

Ms. Haven's writing voice saves this story. She injects quirky humour in some of the oddest instances. This offbeat manner demonstrated through some nonchalant responses from Casey while Nick is fuming jealous puts a smile on the reader's face. The apparent cluelessness of Casey undercut by her clever responses at times catches the reader off guard. This is what makes the story enjoyable. This light romance is recommended for vampire lovers who want a romantic happily ever after.

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