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Test Shot
Test Shot by Cari Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A doctor and a hot male doctor, what's not to love in this threesome? Just one problem, there is no threesome. If the story blurb alluded to a ménage, forget it. There is no ménage here, unless the goal is for some cuckold voyeurism instigated by the hot doctor.

Layla is an agent for the company Hot Shots. She finds attractive male and female models for her company who represent the more risqué businesses in need of models. She's happily engaged to her fiancé, Aidan. Their move from Nebraska to the Big Apple is stressful with new jobs, new home and moving away from their loved ones. That must be why Aidan isn't sexing up Layla anymore. Or at least this is what she tells herself.

Sawyer is a model Layla is working on signing to her company. He's sexy and also from Nebraska. When Aidan suggests and manipulates the three of them into a ménage, no one is more surprised that Layla. Playing along, she succumbs to this wickedly divine sex after her long drought. Only, Aidan doesn't join in. He watches. Sure he was going to join in a bit with some split roasting or double penetration, but that didn't happen. The split roasting was barely there. Instead of a hot ménage, it's a guilty twosome with a fiancé watching a train wreck he's put into motion.

The reason behind all these shenanigans can be deduced by the reader from the very onset of the set up. The dragging out of a relationship on the rocks is torturous. It bears repeating again – torturous! The dysfunctional sexual relationship between Aidan and Layla after years of hot sex spills into their everyday life. It's a travesty and only brings to mind a song by the talented Ms. Alison Krause – Ghost in this House.

I'm just a ghost in this house
I'm just a shadow upon these walls
As quietly as a mouse I haunt these halls
I'm just a whisper of smoke
I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire
That once burned out of control
You took my body and soul
I'm just a ghost in this house

I don't care if it rains
I don't care if it's clear
I don't mind staying in
There's another ghost here
He sits down in your chair
And he shines with your light
And he lays down his head
On your pillow at night

The song goes on but I think I made my point clear. Please, just put me out of my misery. Put Layla out of her misery. There is nothing worse than a relationship that is in limbo with one person still in love. To add to the confusion, Sawyer is generating all sorts of feelings in Layla that she used to feel for Aidan.

Ms. Quinn does a great job creating a plausible relationship and how things going so well can go so wrong. The heartache in this story tempered with love, just not the right kind, is depressing. It's exactly what the reader should feel. Ms. Quinn hits this spot on. If only I was prepared for this tale of woe. I really thought I was going to get into a hot triad with sexy hot scenes. There are sexy hot scenes, just not as anticipated and with consistent morning after regrets. The writing is good; the theme is what brings this rating down for me since it wasn't what I was looking for when picking this book to read.

This book is recommended to kinky romance lovers who enjoy the complexity of love and painful secrets coming to light.

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